Mostowy Lab

Department of Infection Biology

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine


Acquisition of a large virulence plasmid (pINV) promoted temperature-dependent virulence and global dispersal of O96:H19 enteroinvasive Escherichia coli.

Miles SL, Torraca V, Dyson ZA, López-Jiménez AT, Foster-Nyarko E, Lobato-Márquez D, Jenkins C, Holt KE, Mostowy S

MBio, 2023, e0088223

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An automated microscopy workflow to study Shigella-neutrophil interactions and antibiotic efficacy in vivo.

Lensen A, Gomes MC, López-Jiménez AT, Mostowy S

Disease Models & Mechanisms, 2023, 16 (6)

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Septins and K63 ubiquitin chains are present in separate bacterial microdomains during autophagy of entrapped Shigella.

Lobato-Márquez D, Conesa JJ, López-Jiménez AT, Divine ME, Pruneda JN, Mostowy S

Journal of Cell Science, 2023, 136 (7)

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Zebrafish null mutants of Sept6 and Sept15 are viable but more susceptible to Shigella infection.

Torraca V, Bielecka MK, Gomes MC, Brokatzky D, Busch-Nentwich EM, Mostowy S

Cytoskeleton (Hoboken, N.J.), 2023

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The septin cytoskeleton: Heteromer composition defines filament function.

Güler GÖ, Mostowy S

The Journal of Cell Biology, 2023, 222 (3)

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P1 Bacteriophage-Enabled Delivery of CRISPR-Cas9 Antimicrobial Activity Against Shigella flexneri.

Huan YW, Torraca V, Brown R, Fa-Arun J, Miles SL, Oyarzún DA, Mostowy S, Wang B

ACS Synthetic Biology, 2023

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Proximity proteomics identifies septins and PAK2 as decisive regulators of actomyosin-mediated expulsion of von Willebrand factor.

El-Mansi S, Robinson CL, Kostelnik KB, McCormack JJ, Mitchell TP, Lobato-Márquez D, Rajeeve V, Cutillas P, Cutler DF, Mostowy S, Nightingale TD

Blood, 2023, 141 (8), 930-944

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Louis Pasteur continues to shape the future of microbiology.

Mostowy S

Disease Models & Mechanisms, 2022, 15 (12)

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Pyroptosis in host defence against bacterial infection.

Brokatzky D, Mostowy S

Disease Models & Mechanisms, 2022, 15 (7)

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Septins promote caspase activity and coordinate mitochondrial apoptosis.

Ngo HV, Robertin S, Brokatzky D, Bielecka MK, Lobato-Márquez D, Torraca V, Mostowy S

Cytoskeleton (Hoboken, N.J.), 2022

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